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Fork in the Road
From here on out, the road splits into two. One road leads to DUI charges, while the other leads to the suspension of license for six months. Contrary to popular belief, SC law states that submitting to tests isn’t a requirement. However, this means the accused has chosen to take the road to the suspension of his license. Then again, the accused won’t be subjected to additional charges after this.

In this case, a professional Myrtle Beach DUI lawyer from firms like the Irvin Law Firm, can suggest filing a request for an administrative hearing. This can be done within 30 days of the issuance of the notice of suspension. Depending on the verdict, the accused can get at least driving privileges with a temporary alcohol license.

Choosing the breath test route will only suspend driving privileges for a month, but be prepared to face DUI charges. This includes jail time depending on the BAC.